The Plays

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays of which we can be sure, and each of them are covered on Digital Theatre+. The canon can be experienced through full-length stage productions and on-screen adaptations, as well as through interviews, panel discussions, documentaries, study guides and more.

Theatre Practice

For many performance practitioners, working with Shakespeare can be both their greatest accomplishment and their greatest challenge. Here, you’ll find a selection of the extensive interviews, documentaries and masterclasses on Digital Theatre+ which give invaluable insight into Shakespeare behind-the-scenes.

Cultural Afterlife

Shakespeare has been adapted and translated more than any literary figure, his works providing endless inspiration and opportunities for reexamination. Here, you’ll find examples from Digital Theatre+ of how the Shakespearean canon has been reimagined for a modern audience. 

Performance & Literary Theory

The Shakespearean canon can be viewed through many critical perspectives, from Marxism and psychoanalysis to the more recently developing critical race theory and queer theory. Here, you’ll find a selection of the content on Digital Theatre+ which will provoke and stimulate critical debate.

Theatre History

There’s only so much we can know about Shakespeare, and how he was able to write his plays with seemingly so much experience of the world. This selection of content on Digital Theatre+ begins to explore what we do know about Shakespeare’s world – his fellow players, his sources, and the society in which he created his work.