Physical Theatre


Things I Know To Be True: Frantic Assembly, 2016

Lovesong: Frantic Assembly, 2012

Comedy of Errors: RSC, 2009

Virgin Territory on Stage: Vincent Dance Company, 2016

Coriolanus: Steven Berkoff, 1997

East: Steven Berkoff, 1999

Metamorphosis: Steven Berkoff, 2009

Salome: Steven Berkoff, 2012

The Trial: Steven Berkoff, 2006


Virgin Territory Film Installation: Vincent Dance Company, 2017


Shared Experience with Nancy Meckler: Digital Theatre+, 2016

Gecko Theatre Company with Amit Lahav: Digital Theatre+, 2016

On Movement-based Theatre: Struan Leslie: Digital Theatre+, 2016

Contemporary Performance Practice: Charlotte Vincent interviewed by Anna Furse: Digital Theatre+, 2017

An Introduction to Physical Theatre With Scott Graham: Digital Theatre+, 2016

Metamorphosis with George Dillon: Digital Theatre+, 2016

Paul Allain on Jerzy Grotowski: Digital Theatre+, 2016

An Introduction to Frantic Assembly: Aleks Sierz, Digital Theatre+, 2016


Playlist: Physical Theatre: Digital Theatre+, 2017


A Frantic Assembly Warm-Up: Frantic Assembly, 2016

Concise Introduction

Commedia Dell'Arte, John Rudlin, Digital Theatre+, 2018

Jacques Lecoq, Rick Kemp (University of Pennsylvania), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Pina Bausch, Natalia Fedorova (Rose Bruford), Digital Theatre+, 2018

Mime: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Practical Guides

A Guide to Kneehigh: Dramaworks, 2017