Directors on Directing: An Introduction to the Craft: Digital Theatre+, 2018

On Directing: Michael Boyd: Digital Theatre+, 2014

On Directing: Yael Farber: Digital Theatre+, 2015

On Directing: Jonathan Kent: Digital Theatre+, 2014

On Directing: Tom Wright: Digital Theatre+, 2011

On Directing: Ramin Gray: Digital Theatre+, 2014

John Collins and Sara Jane Bailes: In Conversation About Elevator Repair Service: Elevator Repair Service, 2019

Practitioners on Practice... On Directing: An interview with Polly Findlay: Digital Theatre+, 2020

Reckless Sleepers: an interview with Mole Wetherell : Reckless Sleepers, 2020

Rehearsal Process: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2020

Talking About Plays... Regeneration: An Interview with Simon Godwin: Talking About Plays, 2017

TheatreMakers: Myah Jeffers on Dramaturgy: TheatreMakers, 2018


A Masterclass in Theatre Direction with Eugenio Barba: Odin Teatret, 2007

In Rehearsal: Othello Act 3, Scene 3: DT Originals, ETT Othello, 2018

Concise Introduction

Edith Craig: Robert Leach (University of Birmingham), Digital Theatre+, 2018

Lev Dodin: Laurence Senelick (Tufts University), Digital Theatre+, 2018

Dramaturgy: Michael Chemers (University of California Santa Cruz), Digital Theatre+, 2016

Edward Gordon Craig: Rachel Hann (University of Surrey), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Michel Saint-Denis: Colin Chambers (Kingston University), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Peter Gill: Colin Chambers (Kingston University), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Harley Granville Barker: Colin Chambers (Kingston University), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Joan Littlewood: Robert Leach, Digital Theatre+, 2016

Chaikin, Joseph: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Mnouchkine, Ariane: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

van Hove, Ivo: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018


'Meetings with Directors': Lecture given by Peter Brook with Richard Eyre: Directors Guild, 2010

'From Stage to Screen': Lecture given by Phyllida Lloyd with Fiona Shaw: Directors Guild, 2011

'Directing the National': Lecture given by Nicholas Hytner with Tom Morris: Directors Guild, 2012

'Directing Differently': Lecture given by Mike Leigh with Indhu Rubasingham: Directors Guild, 2013

A Streetcar Named Desire: Chelsea Walker on Directing: Nuffield Southampton Theatre, 2018

Anne Bogart in conversation with Geoffrey Colman: Anne Bogart, 2019

Anne Bogart: The Vital And Energetic Role of the Audience: Anne Bogart, 2019

Director's Notebook

A Passage to India: Directors on Directing, 2018

Much Ado About Nothing: Digital Theatre+, 2018

Translations: Digital Theatre+


Exploring the Director's Process: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2020


Auteurs the Authors of Performance: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Emma Rice Directing Theatre and Being Fearless: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Introducing Theatremakers: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Reviving The Canon: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Staging The Unstageable: Lyn Gardner, 2019

The Art of Collaboration: Lyn Gardner, 2019