Concise Introduction

Butoh: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Bakst, Léon: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Bogart, Anne: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Butoh: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Craig, Edward Gordon: DT+ Fundamentals, 2017

Deconstruction: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Elevator Repair Service: DT+ Fundamentals, 2019

Goat Island: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Kabuki: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Pina Bausch (Wuppertal Dance Theatre): DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Rattigan, Terence: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Wilson, Robert: DT+ Fundamentals, 2017

Wooster Group, The: DT+ Fundamentals, 2017


Casanova: DT Originals, Sky Arts, 2017

A Doll's House: DT Originals, 2012

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: inspired by Shakespeare's play: Shakespeare Lives, 2017

Anna Karenina: Stage Russia, 2017

LOL (Lots of Love): HiBROW, 2016

Much Ado About Nothing: DT Originals | Production (2012)

Swan Lake: Royal Opera House, 2014

The Comedy of Errors: DT Originals, 2011

The Land of Yes and the Land of No: HiBROW, 2016

The Winter's Tale: BBC,BBC Shakespeare Collection, 2016

Virgin Territory on Stage: Vincent Dance Theatre, 2018


Kabuki for the West - Bibliography & Further Materials: Digital Theatre+, 2009

A Guide to Kneehigh: DramaWorks, 2018

Vincent Dance Theatre Education Pack: Vincent Dance Theatre, 2018


Neoliberalism and Contemporary Dance in Brazil | A Lecture by Cristina Rosa: 4x45, 4x45: Theatre in a Neo-liberal Age, 2019


Virgin Territory Film Installation: Vincent Dance Theatre, 2018


Malabar Masque: A Study of Kathakali: World Theatre, 2009

Kabuki for the West: a documentary for teaching: World Theatre, 2018

Land of Yes and The Land of No Rehearsals 1, The: HiBROW, 2016

Land of Yes and The Land of No Rehearsals 2, The: HiBROW, 2016

Malabar Masque: A Study of Kathakali: World Theatre, 2018


Lyn Gardner on Theatre & Performance | Shakespeare: a playwright for all?: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Lyn Gardner on Theatre & Performance | Emma Rice: Directing Theatre... and Being Fearless: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Lyn Gardner on Theatre & Performance | Immersive Theatre & Performance: Lyn Gardner, 2019


‘What the hell is water?’ The arts festival and the free market | Rainer Hofmann in conversation with Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink: 4x45,4x45: Theatre in a Neo-liberal Age, 2019

Contemporary Performance Practice... Charlotte Vincent interviewed by Anna Furse: Contemporary Performance Practice, 2018

Darcey Bussell: HiBROW, 2016

Kevin O'Hare: HiBROW, 2016

Mighty Big If: Luca Silvestrini, A: HiBROW, 2016

On Choreography: Quinny Sacks: DT Originals, 2012

Practitioners on Practice... Forkbeard Fantasy: An interview with Chris Britton: Practitioners on Practice, 2020

Practitioners on Practice... Gecko Theatre Company: An interview with Amit Lahav: Practitioners on Practice, 2016

Practitioners on Practice... On Movement: An interview with Ayse Tashkiran: Practitioners on Practice, 2016