Classical Theatre

Concise Introduction

Classical Tragedy: Michael Chemers (University of California Santa Cruz), Digital Theatre+, 2016

Catharsis: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Tragicomedy: DT+ Fundamentals, 2018

Study Guide

Antigone: Digital Theatre+, 2016


Antigone: Broadway Digital Archive, 1974

Coriolanus: Steven Berkoff, 1997

Iphigenia in Splott: DT Originals, 2016

Oedipus: Steven Berkoff, 2012

Electra: BBC, 1974

Gods and Monsters - Homer's Odyssey: BBC, 2010

Iphigenia at Aulis: BBC, 1990

King Oedipus: BBC, 1972

Teaching Antigone with DT+: BBC, 1990

The School For Scandal: BBC, 1975


Lyn Gardner on Theatre & Performance | The Greeks: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Reviving The Canon: Lyn Gardner, 2019