Applied Theatre


Interviews with Augusto Boal: from 1971 to 2009: Instituto Augusto Boal, 2017

Theatre of the Oppressed: Instituto Augusto Boal, 2017

Jana Sanskriti: A Theatre on the Field: World Theatre, 2005


Shakespeare for Inclusive Audiences – Kelly Hunter interviewed by Michael Dobson: Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Digital Theatre+, 2016

Good Chance Theatre: Margins and Main Stages | A conversation with Joe Murphy, Joe Robertson and Majid Adin: 4x45: Performance & Migration, 2018

ED Berman in Conversation with Tony Coult: Digital Theatre+, 2020

Henry IV: Addiction: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2016

The Prison Context: Prison Character Introductions: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2020

Concise Introduction

Augusto Boal: Jan Cohen-Cruz (Syracuse University) & Mady Schutzmann (California Institute of the Arts), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Applied Theatre: Michael Balfour (Griffith University), Digital Theatre+, 2017

Political Theatre: Colin Chambers (Kingston University), Digital Theatre+, 2017


Prison Context: Education Pack: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2020


Henry IV: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy, 2020

Julius Caesar: Donmar: Shakespeare Trilogy | Production (2020)


Theatre For (Very) Young Audiences: Lyn Gardner, 2019

Relaxed Performance: Lyn Gardner, 2019