Stages and Screens: Katie Mitchell's Theatre Aesthetics - Janis Jefferies: 4x45, Katie Mitchell, 2017

Katie Mitchell and the Politics of Naturalist Theatre Dan: 4x45, Katie Mitchell, 2017

Immersive Worlds Designing Katie Mitchell's Theatre: 4x45, Katie Mitchell, 2017

Good Chance Theatre Margins and Main Stages: 4x45, Performance & Migration, 2019

'What the hell is water?' The Arts Festival and The Free Market: 4x45, Theatre in a Neo-liberal Age, 2019


Neoliberalism Theatre and Performance a Lecture by Jen Harvie: 4x45, Theatre in a Neo-liberal Age, 2019

The Heat Signatures of Refugee Transit Incoming by Richard Mosse: 4x45, Performance & Migration, 2018

Migratory Aesthetics and Postmigrant Performance: 4x45, Performance & Migration, 2019

Neoliberalism and Contemporary Dance In Brazil: 4x45, Theatre in a Neo-liberal Age, 2019

Wilful Distraction: Katie Mitchell, Auteurism and The Canon: 4x45, Katie Mitchell, 2017